Identity Lifecycle Automation

The identity lifecycle encompasses various stages and processes that an individual's digital identity goes through during their association with an organization. Security no-code automation for user onboarding and offboarding streamlines and enhances the process of granting and revoking access privileges, ensuring a secure and efficient user management lifecycle.

With this solution, organizations can automate the provisioning and deprovisioning of user accounts, enforce consistent security policies, and enforce role-based access controls without the need for manual coding. By eliminating manual interventions, security risks and human errors are minimized, while saving valuable time and resources.

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No-code automation design

By offering a no-code approach, the software empowers users in various roles – IT administrators, security analysts, and line managers – to automate access risk processes, removing technical barriers.

Pre-defined building blocks

These are standardized modules for creating access risk management processes and workflows. They offer customizable, ready-made features to meet specific organizational needs.

Default security workflows 

They serve as the starting point for organizations adopting access risk software, automating and streamlining access control processes to establish effective access management practices swiftly.

Custom security workflows

They enable organizations to customize workflows based on access control policies, risk mitigation, and compliance goals; they manage access requests, approvals, certifications, and remediation actions, both automated or manual.

Policy enforcement 

It ensures that access control policies and guidelines are consistently applied across systems, applications, and user accounts. It involves verifying that access permissions align with the organization's security policies, regulatory requirements, and industry standards.

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Actionable intelligence

Automated access rights control

Unnecessary rights can be misused for fraudulent or data leakage purposes. TheFence™ automated access control solution assesses the risk of access rights to enforce the least privilege principle.

TheFence™ collects users, roles, and elementary privileges from the systems in a standardized and automated way, then it automatically performs a measurable, scoring-based risk analysis.

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In compliance with:

Integrate your systems to TheFence™

TheFence™ can monitor most of the most widely used solutions

Amazon Web Services

Ensure that access to resources is only granted to authorized users


Manage user access more efficiently while mitigating security risks


Enhance security by monitoring user access to Salesforce

Microsoft 365

Monitor and analyze the users and possible usage of service for potential security risks

Jira Software

Enhance security posture by monitoring user access

Microsoft Azure

Achieve comprehensive control over access rights


Detect and remove unnecessary permissions granted to users


Identify and prevent potential security breaches through access risk monitoring

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enhance security and minimize the risk of unauthorized access


Secure your SAP system by streamlining access risk control


Get up-to-date notifications to take immediate actions.

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Get a detailed overview of your company’s security status.

Data Security

Cloud-based software for maximum security to prevent business data leakage.

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