Become a member of our
TheFence™ Partner Program

Become a member of our TheFence™ Partner Prgram

Join forces to address identity and access risk challenges together. 

THEFENCE™ Access Risk Management Platform—revolutionizing identity threat detection with its Segregation-of-Duties (SoD) and Least Privilege access control software. From granular user privilege monitoring to AI-powered User Access Review (UAR), THEFENCE™ ensures transparent, automated, and secure access risk management for businesses.  

Our Partners

Why join TheFence Partner Program?

Comprehensive Solutions

The program offers comprehensive solutions, including THEFENCE™ UAR PLUS,  the first AI-powered SaaS solution in the industry, cross-application SoD and Access Risk Consulting Services.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Joining TheFence Partner Program gives you access to cutting-edge access risk management technology, ensuring your clients benefit from the latest innovations in identity threat detection, SoD, and Least Privilege access control.  

Automation and Efficiency

Partners can leverage THEFENCE™ to automate and streamline access management processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing the manual workload associated with AI- powered user access reviews, entitlement audits, and risk assessments. 

Trusted Expertise

TheFence Partner Program provides partners with access to expert knowledge in access risk management. This includes one-time access risk heat maps, user access reviews, SoD risk detection, entitlement audits, and risk assessments using THEFENCE™ technology. 

AI-Driven Access Profiling

THEFENCE™ Access Profiling Service generates role packages to be assigned to employees based on job classification at job level using advanced statistics and AI methodology-based classification.

Power-up of AI

We harness the capabilities of machine learning and generative AI across various facets of our systems, including but not limited to risk scoring, anomaly detection, and risk explanation.

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