TheFence™ AI-powered access risk management platform detects and prevents identity threats in real time

THEFENCE™ redefines cybersecurity, leading the industry with the first-of-its-kind AI-powered User Access Review (TheFence™ UAR PLUS). Revolutionizing identity threat detection through Segregation-of-Duties (SoD) and Least Privilege access control software, THEFENCE™ sets a new standard.

TheFence™ provides an in-depth analysis of access risk

Through risk scoring, our solution provides exceptional insight and control, allowing proactive identification and mitigation of security vulnerabilities, ensuring the protection of critical assets and compliance with regulations.

AI-powered access rights control

TheFence™ assesses the risk associated with access rights, ensuring the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP). By systematically and automatically gathering user data, roles, and elementary privileges, TheFence™ conducts a measurable, scoring-based risk analysis to fortify your security measures.

We harness the capabilities of machine learning and generative AI across various facets of our systems, including but not limited to risk scoring, anomaly detection, and risk explanation.

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Top 5 TheFence™ innovation

THEFENCE™ UAR PLUS is the first AI-powered User Access Review solution in the industry: an innovative, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that automates the periodic review of the users’ (employees, suppliers, technical users) access rights in a company’s digital environment.

Our software is capable of detecting cross-application conflicts of interest, i.e. conflicting access rights between multiple systems (cross-system SoD). 

TheFencehas an innovative scoring-based metric system that precisely quantifies and compares the usersentitlement risks. 

TheFence provides an unparalleled granularity and depth in the identification and evaluation of entitlement risks. Delve down to the deepest levels of elementary entitlement objects, including role content, providing a comprehensive understanding of access rights and potential security threats. 

TheFence™ is available in on-premise, virtual, and cloud (SaaS) deployment models.

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