Predict, prevent, protect: secure your business with TheFence™

Based upon our decades-long experience in the information security industry, we invented an automated process to monitor and revoke dangerous or unnecessary digital rights from employees - TheFence™

TheFence™ predicts data breach possibilities

Minimize license cost, maximize efficiency and empower your workforce: automate license management with our software to save time and money for your business.

Actionable intelligence

Automated access rights control

Unnecessary rights can be misused for fraudulent or data leakage purposes. TheFence™ automated access control solution assesses the risk of access rights to enforce the least privilege principle.

TheFence™ collects users, roles, and elementary privileges from the systems in a standardized and automated way, then it automatically performs a measurable, scoring-based risk analysis.

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In compliance with:

Scoring-based risk analysis

The power of TheFence™

Our software gives you maximum awareness and visibility over your license management to minimize cost and empower your workforce. Get fast results with the least effort.

Our user-friendly dashboard gives you access to all the vital information regarding your company’s software licenses and their access rights, as well as shows you the possible threats – along with estimated savings on revokable licenses.

By consolidating employees’ access rights, they simply will not be able to access such systems or initiate transactions that might violate internal policies. Unintentional mistakes or policy violations will be avoided by using TheFence™.

Our license and permit management system detects and eliminates potential risks by revoking access to systems, the byproduct is also important: unnecessary, inactive licenses can be deleted, which could save you thousands of dollars!

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Integrate your systems to TheFence™

TheFence™ can monitor most of the most widely used solutions

Amazon Web Services

Ensure that access to resources is only granted to authorized users


Manage user access more efficiently while mitigating security risks


Enhance security by monitoring user access to Salesforce

Microsoft 365

Monitor and analyze the users and possible usage of service for potential security risks

Jira Software

Enhance security posture by monitoring user access

Microsoft Azure

Achieve comprehensive control over access rights


Detect and remove unnecessary permissions granted to users


Identify and prevent potential security breaches through access risk monitoring

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enhance security and minimize the risk of unauthorized access


Secure your SAP system by streamlining access risk control


Get up-to-date notifications to take immediate actions.

Sections & Subtasks

Get a detailed overview of your company’s security status.

Data Security

Cloud-based software for maximum security to prevent business data leakage.

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Who is TheFence™ for?

TheFence™ is designed to enable comprehensive access management, streamline compliance, and enhance security posture with automated risk analysis and tailored reporting capabilities.