Streamline Your Access Review Process with TheFence's Automated Solution 

THEFENCE™ UAR PLUS is an innovative, AI powered, cloud-based (SaaS) User Access Review solution that automates the periodic review of the users’ (employees, suppliers, technical users) access rights in a company's digital environment so that business leaders can easily keep their employees' digital rights under control in a transparent, documented and automated process.

With the use of TheFence™ you can review user access rights in the cloud, ensuring that the right people have access to the right resources and data - while unauthorized access is prevented

Improve security

Fortify your cloud security with automated user access reviews. Detect and eliminate unauthorized access privileges, reducing the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks.

Reduce costs

Maximize your resources and minimize costs with user access review. THEFENCE identifies and removes unused accounts and access privileges, helping you optimize licensing and subscriptions.

Maximize transparency

TheFence sends notifications and alerts directly to your company’s communication channels so there’s maximum awareness. Nothing blocks the flow of information.

Ensure compliance

Our solution helps you meet regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR in order to avoid penalties, legal action - or even the constant headaches, that auditors might cause.

Boost productivity

Take your productivity to the next level with access review. THEFENCE guarantees your employees have the resources they need to deliver outstanding results.

Power-up with AI

AI-powered tools can automate the process of access review by analyzing access, identifying anomalies and patterns and flagging risky access rights.

Why automated access review is essential for your business?  

The review management and orchestration works like a charm

Decisions can be quickly turned into action

Administration, results, proofs at your fingertips

Your reviews will be full scaled, deep, accurate and super fast

What can go wrong in your current manual user Access Reviews?

  • Only the user’s employment status is reviewed, and their rights and roles are never checked. 
  • The review process is not documented, making it impossible to track who reviewed what and when. 
  • The identified problems are only corrected with significant delays or not at all. 
  • The examination of conflicting rights is excluded from the review process. 
  • The review process is not consistent and not regulated internally. 
  • Only the users of the employees are reviewed. 
  • No one checks the rights of technical users. 
  • The external users are also excluded from the review. 
  • The collected data are not documented, and the scope differs  system by system. 
  • The rights of the users are checked against external, manually simplified lists. 
  • The contents of the roles are not collected and reviewed. 
  • The review is not conducted by the business owner / data owner but by the IT administrators, so no one will notice and follow business changes in the access profile contents. 
  • The reviewer passes the task on to someone else (with or without the sufficient knowledge). 
  • The expertise of the reviewers ranges widely, and some do not have adequate knowledge for the review. 
  • The reviewer is not aware of the business risks and conflicts related to the access rights. 
  • The reviewer must also check their own entitlements, which is inherently conflicting. 
  • They manually manage, coordinate and monitor the review process. 
  • The review is complex, incomplete, and difficult to enforce through the whole organization. 
  • The process takes a long time, and it is difficult to get responses from the reviewers. 
  • The IAM tool (if any) does not (or cannot) be configured for user access review process

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