CISO / IT Security Team

Ensure effective control over the employees’ access rights within your organization and balance security, compliance, and user experience. TheFence makes access risk measurable and lets you act risk proportionality. With our advanced risk analysis capabilities, you can accurately measure and score access risks, gaining valuable insights into your organization’s security landscape.
Take control of your access related security posture and ensure a comprehensive yet effective protection.

By integrating THEFENCE™ into your IDM system, you gain an advanced layer of risk analysis and automated reporting. Our software seamlessly collects and analyzes user data, roles/profiles, down to the deepest access objects, providing you with comprehensive insights to identify and mitigate excessive and conflicting access rights.

Fast results with least effort

The power of TheFence™

Our software gives you maximum awareness and visibility over your license management to minimize cost and empower your workforce. Get fast results with the least effort.

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Live webinar

How to detect the riskiest
users, roles and areas in SAP

🎤 Speaker: Csaba Békési – Risk Consultant at XS Matrix (TheFence)
💡 Moderator: Paulino Calderon – Co-Founder of WebSec
📅 Date: June 19th, 2024

🕒 Time: 10 am (EST)

Duration: 1 hour

📍 Venue: Zoom Meeting