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XS Matrix Security Solutions (XSM) & Infinite Resolvere (IR) are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership in Southeast Asia. This collaboration merges XSM’s cutting-edge access risk management solution, TheFence™, with...

Access control

Cross-System Segregation of Duties (SoD) is an important concept in modern Information Security (IS) and business environments. It’s about ensuring that responsibilities and privileges within different systems, or parts of...

Cyber resilience

NIS2, the European Union’s new directive, imposes more stringent requirements on the security of information systems; specifically demands heightened attention towards Identity and Access Management (IAM) frameworks. The directive recognizes...

Access control

The cutting-edge AI-powered solution for UAR In the dynamic landscape of enterprise cybersecurity, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring compliance has never been more critical. We recognize the unique challenges you...
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