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Use Cases

One of the largest Hungarian automotive parts manufacturers, engaged our services to conduct a comprehensive review of their on-premise Windows Active Directory (AD) environment prior to a regulatory audit. This...

Use Cases

We have been asked by a prominent utilities firm to thoroughly investigate their SAP environment to analyze access right risks down to the deepest access right objects. Starting positions at...

Use Cases

We have been asked by a financial organization to help them restructuring all their SAP roles down to the deepest access object levels to meet the need-to-know (or least privilege)...

Use Cases

One of the market leaders of IT Services asked us to thoroughly review their Windows Active Directory environment before migrating to the cloud. The primary objective was to ascertain the...


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Live webinar

How to detect the riskiest
users, roles and areas in SAP

🎤 Speaker: Csaba Békési – Risk Consultant at XS Matrix (TheFence)
💡 Moderator: Paulino Calderon – Co-Founder of WebSec
📅 Date: June 19th, 2024

🕒 Time: 10 am (EST)

Duration: 1 hour

📍 Venue: Zoom Meeting