We help you to solve your access risk problems at different levels in your organization

International standards for information security require that the users’ access rights are set on a need-to-know basis. This principle of creating and maintaining the lowest possible level of authority requires a strict authorization and management process. Our high privilege risk review focuses on the assessment and scoring of the risks of high privileges assigned to roles and users.

According to best practices, role-based access controls are required to ensure that employees are only allowed to access the information necessary to effectively perform their job duties. If these controls are insufficient or inefficient, unnecessary or unused authorizations or transactions will be assigned to users and roles. We can help identify the unnecessary rights using our automated tool for analysis, provided that logging of authorization-related activities is enabled in your environment over the analyzed period of time. Such review always includes the SAP Access Right Heat Map review.

Our license usage survey covers the examination of under- or over-licensing testing based on real usage, and we offer indirect license usage survey and related legal/technical advice by analyzing the real usage conditions.