Access Risk Management for AWS

We are proud to announce our new access risk management and monitoring scenario for Amazon Web Service (AWS). 

As cloud computing penetrated the industries in recent years it brought new level of speed and scale. On the other side it has generated new challenges and complexity. With the usage of IaaS and PaaS risks are escalating and those who have privileged access to the platform can do anything on the layers above. Few lines of code can destroy a complete virtual datacenter, can modify data and delete logs. IaaS and PaaS platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform have hundreds or thousands of access permission objects that can potentially be granted to users or service principals. Often AWS customers are facing risk of data leaks and high-profile attacks, as a result of non-compliant configuration of access rights. This requires new security risk mitigation approaches.

To save time and resources we provide a platform to gain complete insight about access risks of the users, third parties, machine identities to save the company’s assets in the cloud. XS Matrix provides an end-to-end platform with out-of-the box access risk policies, notification rules to analyze and monitor your complete AWS landscape. On this platform you can monitor the complete access risk for your data bases and business applications as well. Your whole enterprise level access risk can be automatically measured, monitored and controlled.

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