Identity Threat Detection

THEFENCE™ automated access control solution assesses the risk of access rights and helps companies enforce the principle of least privilege (PoLP) with the least effort. THEFENCE™ helps measure and reduce the risks of human error, misuse and operational problems resulting from unnecessary, sensitive privileges or conflicting access rights. 

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Access risk scoring

We create a risk score calculation by pattern matching, based on a collection of sensitive or conflicting access rights.

Login and MFA analytics 

We collect the employees sorted by the power (access risk) they have in your IT system. Risk score calculation is based on the individuals’ access rights in the systems.

High privileges ruleset 

It refers to a set of rules or permissions that grant extensive access and control over privileged resources or actions within a system or network.

Segregation of Duties ruleset 

SoD policies are the processes, guidelines and/or rules that an organization has created to make sure security controls are in place while also balancing operational efficiencies and costs.

Advanced alerting

Advanced alerting in cybersecurity refers to the use of techniques and technologies to generate notifications regarding potential security incidents or threats, involving advanced analytics, automation to enhance the accuracy, context, and efficiency of alerts. 

User license cost efficiency  

Licenses are expensive, especially unused ones: they are often left unassigned, or they become inactive. License usage monitoring can save your company a significant amount of money.

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Actionable intelligence

Automated access rights control

Unnecessary rights can be misused for fraudulent or data leakage purposes. TheFence™ automated access control solution assesses the risk of access rights to enforce the least privilege principle.

TheFence™ collects users, roles, and elementary privileges from the systems in a standardized and automated way, then it automatically performs a measurable, scoring-based risk analysis.

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In compliance with:

Integrate your systems to TheFence™

TheFence™ can monitor most of the most widely used solutions

Amazon Web Services

Ensure that access to resources is only granted to authorized users


Manage user access more efficiently while mitigating security risks


Enhance security by monitoring user access to Salesforce

Microsoft 365

Monitor and analyze the users and possible usage of service for potential security risks

Jira Software

Enhance security posture by monitoring user access

Microsoft Azure

Achieve comprehensive control over access rights


Detect and remove unnecessary permissions granted to users


Identify and prevent potential security breaches through access risk monitoring

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enhance security and minimize the risk of unauthorized access


Secure your SAP system by streamlining access risk control


Get up-to-date notifications to take immediate actions.

Sections & Subtasks

Get a detailed overview of your company’s security status.

Data Security

Cloud-based software for maximum security to prevent business data leakage.

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